About Us

When I started this company, I never imagined I could help people across the world. Now my focus has shifted to creating sustainable business, both ecologically and ethically. I believe that when we protect people and the environment, we are ultimately helping ourselves
— Shelbie Ebert, founder

All of our knit products are made by hand in Nepal by a team of women knitters. They find satisfaction in their job, which they consider a hobby. These women also earn enough money to take care of their families and send their children to school, an opportunity they may not have otherwise. We believe that operating ethically is the most important standard  for sustainable business practices. We also strive to use natural fibers whenever possible, without compromising the performance of our products. Each product is inspected by hand here in the U.S.A. You can be assured that your LahLah product will be the highest quality and flawlessly functional.

From our first beanie in 2013 we have been updating and innovating our designs to make sure our products are not just styled, but also functional. We strive to produce a fresh product colors, and search for new items to add to our ensemble.  Each time we discover a product that we love, we look for ways to improve it before we deliver it to our customers. We put our designs to the test in the high, rugged mountains of Colorado, California, Nevada, Japan and Nepal-wherever our adventures take us! We want to make sure you can rely on our product when you are out doing what you love-whether its hiking, biking, skiing or walking your dog! 

My Story

When I first founded LahLah Designs in 2011, I had simple plans to start a graphic t-shirt company. All was going well until 2013, when I built the first Boombox Beanie. As an avid snowboarder, hiker and general adventurer in the Colorado mountains, I was looking for a way to take my music everywhere. So I created a hand-knit beanie, lined with super-soft fleece and carrying a powerful and comfortable sound system inside. Then I wore that beanie all winter long!

I knew I had created something awesome and had to share it with my friends and family. I started knitting hats constantly and sewing them by hand. I continued this way until a fortuitous meeting lead me to the founder of Sherpa Adventure Gear, Tashi Sherpa. This incredible entrepreneur has started a company that employed Nepalese men and women to create exceptional outdoor clothing, allowing them to earn decent wages and have access to benefits. In 2016, I officially started to partner with Khangri Sourcing to have my beanies hand-knit in Nepal. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the beanies! In 2019, I was fortuitous enough to visit Nepal and meet the women who make my business possible! Read about my journey in our blog.

One of my first beanies, 2014

One of my first beanies, 2014